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Our Team

Khamis RashidKhamis, Managing Director

Khamis was born in the heart of Zanzibar, Stone Town. He specialized in tour guiding in his teenage years at high school and continued his education in tourism at university. Afterwards he studied and lived in Europe for some years.

He came up with the idea of a tour company named Colors of Zanzibar while he was in training for tour guiding. He wanted to create cultural experiences that show all the colors Zanzibar has to offer. He made his dream come true and is now the owner of such company, bringing visitors from all over to world to his home country Zanzibar.

Khamis is the person you might have already met, as he is the one taking care of business to business relations. He is also responsible for our services working as smoothly as possible, and will also take care of some group leading.

Favourite location in Zanzibar:
The mangrove forest at Jozani national park – the most peaceful and relaxing place of the island as he says.

Favourite Tour in Zanzibar:
Safari Blue Cruise which he would like to do every day if he could!

Farida, Reservations

Farida was born in Morogoro, main land of Tanzania but moved to Zanzibar at an early age. After school she specialized in airfare and ticketing before she joined the team of Colors of Zanzibar a few years ago.

She takes care of our flight ticket bookings and ferry bookings. Even if you need to take a flight of your own inside East Africa, this can be arranged. Farida is also staying in the office and therefore is found there most of the time. She will help you with any requests if the rest of the team is out and running!

Favourite location in Zanzibar:
Farida’s favorite locations in Zanzibar are Mbweni and Chukwani just outside Stone Town because it is a good place to relax and escape from the hectic life in town.

Fuad3Fuad, Operations

Fuad comes from Stone Town where he went to school and studied tourism management at university. As our trusted guide and driver he never fails to make our guests feel welcomed and entertained.

Favourite location in Zanzibar:
In his free time he likes play football and his favorite location in Zanzibar is Uroa, a small coastal village at the East coast where he found his perfect place to relax.

RahmaRahma, Guide

Rahma was born in Malindi, Stone Town and went to the local school here in Zanzibar. She then lived in Dubai for 11 years. After returning to her roots in Zanzibar, Rahma specialized in tour guiding and we are now happy to have her in our team.

Favourite location in Zanzibar:
Rahma’s favorite location in Zanzibar is Stone Town, her home, and especially the lively Forodhani Park in the evening. Here, locals as well as visitors from all over the world come together and enjoy the delicious street food and colorful sunset. In her free time she also likes to visit the amusement park Kariakoo.

Favourite tour in Zanzibar:
Her favorite part of guiding tours is that she can share the history of her home country with guests and talk about the rich culture and traditions of this wonderful island. Also, if you are interested in a traditional beauty workshop she will be most happy to accompany you!

Iddi Khamis, French Speaking Market
Iddi was born in Zanzibar Town. He finished his studies in education and foreign languages with focus on French language at the State University of Zanzibar in 2006 and got the first degree in education at the same University. Then Iddi specialized in tour guiding as a francophone guide. Now he is the contact person for our French guests.

Favourite location in Zanzibar:
Stone Town during the day time. He likes to visit the historical and amusement sites during his free time.

Favourite tour in Zanzibar:
His favorite part is tour guiding and accompanying the clients at the historical and interesting sites and sharing the cultural information of his country.

About Colors of Zanzibar

Our core value is community based tourism, meaning we want tourism to benefit everyone involved – including you. We also want to build up an equal working environment and support women’s livelihoods. We have chosen ecological accommodations and excursions on our list. See our sustainability plan.

We offer the most wide-ranging selection of cultural excursions in the whole Zanzibar. All our guides are Zanzibarians, which is not always the case in Zanzibar tourist industry. Out historical and archeological excursions are planned by experts.

We are located in Mlandege, at the Evergreen building (floor 4), in the heart of the commercial district of Zanzibar City.

Colors of Zanzibar is a member of ZATI – Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors.

Karibu sana! You are most welcome!