Our values

We believe in equality and fairness, both in our service towards customers and in our own office and operations. We hope to have a positive impact on everyone involved and on the environment. We are committed to sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism in Zanzibar

We are committed Travelife partners, and amongst the very first Tanzanian members. This means that we have gone through trainings and reviwed our methods, but it also means we are still constantly learning how to lower the impact on nature.

“Low impact, high income” is also a guide line for us, meaning: we keep the negative impact on environment and communities low, but make sure everyone involved in our tours gets a reasonable income.

Learn more about our efforts towards sustainable tourism in Zanzibar.

Equality and NO to discrimination

Discrimination – based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or anything else – is strongly against our values. Our promise to our clients is that they are always welcome as themselves. We respect every individual and their beliefs, and we can also arrange for example halal holiday packages.

Colors of Zanzibar is the first Zanzibar travel company committed to the LGBT community and we have been member of IGLTA since 2016.

Our no to discrimination is not only towrads our clients – it’s also something we practice in our local community and in our office.

YOU are welcome!



Iglta member in Tanzania