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Spice Village Tour with Cooking Lesson

Get to know Zanzibari spice culture! This tour includes a spice tour on a local farm, and afterwards a tour in a nearby village. Local woman will show you how she does farming, and together you will collect cassava leafs for a local coconut milk based sauce. You will cook the sauce together in her outdoor kitchen, and then eat a whole delicious local lunch in the village, sitting down, as Zanzibaris traditionally do.

  • Learn all about spices – from how to farm them to how to use them
  • Village tour where other travellers rarely visit
  • Cooking lesson with a woman from the village, in her authentic outdoor kitchen
  • Delicious lunch with traditionally spiced foods and your self-made vegetarian sauce

We leave form Stone Town (or anywhere else when agreed), and start with a tour on the spice farm. You will smell & taste diffrent spices and fruits, and learn how they are cultivated and used. You will also get cultural insights about how they are used in Swahili cuisine, medication and as beauty products.

Then you can enjoy some fresh seasonal fruits before heading to the nearby village with a car (5 mins ride). Short walking tour in the village, to see how the houses are build and how people live. Then we meet a local woman who will show how she cultivates cassava, and you can also try your skills as an African farmer. We collect some cassava leaves, and head to her home for an outdoor kitchen cooking lesson.

The vegetarian sauce requires first to make coconut milk from fresh coconuts, which is the base of many Swahili foods. Then we cook the vegetables, and eat the sauce with a locally cooked delicious lunch outside.

This is a Colors of Zanzibar special tour, together with Zanzibar Urban Adventures. Therefore bookings go through Zanzibar Urban Adventures, or by sending us an inquiry. Please note, this is a sharing tour, but we never have groups of over 15 people.

Schedule details:
Duration: 4 hours
Pickup location: In front of the Old Fort main entrance, Stone Town, Zanzibar
Pickup time: 9.00 AM
Drop off location: Drop off to anywhere in Stone Town
Other locations: inquire for pick up and drop off to other locations!

What is included:
Transfers from Stone Town, guide, lunch, fruit tasting, water and tips. Mention if you need a transfer from other parts of Zanzibar.

41 usd per person

What to take with you:
Good walking shoes and a hat, cash if you wish to buy spices, oils and other products sold at the farm

Combine with:
Stone Town Tour afterwards

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