There are hotels in Zanzibar for every budget and taste. Here are some examples we have picked to represent different budgets and styles. You can also contact us and ask for recommendations – and find the perfect Zanzibar hotel for you.


Beautiful hotel in Zanzibar, Stone Town: Emerson Spice

Emerson Spice Hotel

This beautiful and unique hotel will make sure you’ll never forget staying here! Enjoy the scenery from your balcony or from rooftop tea room.

Price: High end, 250 usd per room.



Dhow Palace HotelPool and inner court of Dhow Palace Hotel

This is a beautiful, peaceful hotel right in the city centre.

Price: Midrange/high end

Dhow Palace website



Double room in Tembo Hotel

Tembo Hotel

This hotel has a unique location by the beach in the centre of Stone Town.

Price: Midrange/high end

Tembo Hotel website



A double toom in Stone Town Cafe Hotel

Stone Town Cafe

This is a very small boutique hotel in the heart of Stone Town. Downstairs a wonderful cafe.

Price: Midrange

Stone Town Cafe website



Twin room in Jambi Guesthouse

Jambo Guesthouse

Good budget option in the more quiet area of Stone Town, right next to the Green Garden restaurant.

Price: Budget





A double room in Mbweni Ruins, Zanzibar City

Mbweni Ruins Hotel

This beach resort is build next to Mbweni Palace ruins. The environment is very relaxing.

Price: Midrange / High end

Mbweni Ruins Hotel website



Zanzi ResortZanzi resort

A beautiful and truly ecological small resort not too far from town. This is a perfect option for those who love luxury and are looking for a sustainable option.

Price: High end

Zanzi Resort website



Sunset BungalowsBeach at Kendwa Rocks

This is a good and lively option in Kendwa Village. Rooms are good, consistent standard and some of them right at the beach!

Price: Budget/midrange

Sunset Bungalows website


Gold ZanzibarGold Zanzibar

A beautiful new hotel in Kendwa, right next to Kendwa Rocks but for more luxuroius taste. Kendwa beach is one of the best in Zanzibar.

Price: High end

Gold Zanzibar website



Mnarani Beach CottagesMnarani Beach Cottages pool in Nungwi

This beach resort is a bit further away from the Nungwi village. It’s a beutiful hotel and good value for price.

Price: Midrange

Mnarani Beach Cottages website


Amaan BungalowsAmaan Bungalows

Good midrange option in the beautiful Nungwi beach, comes with a sea view swimming pool.

Price: Midrange

Amaan Bungalows website




Nungwi hotel Flametree Cottages

 Flame Tree Cottages

This hotel is in the middle of the village, but has a peaceful pool, garden and big rooms.

Price: Midrange/high end

Flame Tree Cottages website




panga chumvi

Panga Chumvi

Peaceful hotel by the amazingly beautiful, natural Matemwe beach. Good affordable rooms.

Price: Budget/midrange

Panga Chumvi website



Sunshine hotelSunshine Hotel

Ecologically designed luxury in the middle of the beautiful and less touristic Matemwe beach. Also has a great sister hotel Sunshine Marine Lodge.

Price: Midrange/High end

Sunshine Hotel website



Zanzibar retreatZanzibar Retreat

Luxury in the heart of Matemwe beach, known for their great kitchen!

Price: Midrange/high end

Zanzibar Retreat website




Arabian NightPaje beach hotel in Zanizbar, Arabian Night Annex Annex

Here every room comes with a sea view! Best location for kite surfing and excellent also for diving.

Price: Midrange, 160 usd per room

Arabian Night Annex website



palm beach innPalm Beach Inn

This family-run boutique hotel offers affordable rooms in the beautiful Bwejuu beach.

Price: Budget/midrange

Palm Beach Inn website



Manta Reeg hotel is located in Northern Pemba Island in ZanzibarThe Manta Resort

This luxury hotel is found in the vewry northern tip of Pemba, by the Ngezi Forest and best beaches.

Price: High end

The Manta Resort website



Pemba Lodge is situated in the Shamiani Island rigth in the Pemba coastline, Zanzibar

Pemba Lodge

This ecologically constructed and run lodge offers luxury accommodation in the most southern Pemba, Shamiani.

Price: High end

Pemba Lodge website



Misali Sunset Beach right after sunset in Pemba, Zanzibar

 Misali Sunset Beach

This hotel has an extremely convenient location near to Chake Chake and beautiful Misali Island.

Price: Midrange

Misali Sunset Beach website



Annex Sharook hotel in Wete, Pemba, Zanzibar

Annex to Sharook Guesthouse

This guesthouse in Wete is amazing, especially at sunset. The place is a combination of town and jungle.

Price: Budget

Annex to Sharook website


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