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Full Day Cruise

Zanzibar cruise

Full Day Cruise in Zanzibar

A full day cruise on a traditional dhow boat at the southern coastline of Zanzibar. This magical journey will take you on an exploration of the Indian Ocean from Fumba fishing village to the Menai Bay conservation area. The day includes snorkeling at a sand bank, swimming, relaxing, exploring the Kwale Island, drinks, and a sea food buffet.


You will get to visit a sadbank, enjoy some fruits and swimming


The boat will take you to see the beautoful coral reefs of the area

Sea food BBQ

On Kwale island you will enjoy sea food and side dishes and get to see the nature of the island. If you cannot eat sea food – please let us know ahead!

The dhow boat

The cruise will be made with a traditional sailing boat, the dhow. The boat will be for you only, unless you enquire the sharing tour.

 Private Zanzibar Full Day Cruise

The tour starts in the monrning and can continue until sunset, as you wish. Zanzibar is tidal area, so things can happen in different order according to the tide. This cruise takes place in the southern tips of Zanzibar, but we can arrange a transfer from any ocation on the island.

Full day cruise prices

1 person 130 USD

2 persons 90 usd pp

3 persons 75 usd pp

4 persons or more 60 usd pp

What is included

Transfer from Stone Town, private sailing boat, soft drinks, snacks, sea food buffet, snorkeling gear, guide, Menai Bay conservation fee. Alcoholic drinks on demand.

Useful information

Usual starting time of the tour is 8:00 from Stone Town. The boat is equipped with everything necessary: sails, motor, ladder, snorkeling gear and life jackets. Take with you sun block, swim wear, towel and something to cover with.

Coming from the beach?

You can start this tour from anywhre in Zanzibar, we will pick you up. Starting from further away than Stone Town just means a small surcharge for the transfers.