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Bwejuu, Paje and Jambiani offer activites and a sense of community

The east coast of Zanzibar usually refers to the villages of south-eastern stretch of the beach. It starts from Uroa village, then Bwejuu, Paje and Jambiani. It has a distinctive, relaxed atmosphere with mainly small hotel establishments, lots of local life and kite surfers.

These villages and the less densley populated spaces in between offer beauitful tidal beaches, opportunity to casually visit Zanzibari villages, and to walk the beach while trying out small cafes.

East coast of Zanzibar offers lots of variety in accommodation options. Reasonably priced hostels and backpacker hotels are next to 5 star resorts.

Paje – a paradise for kite surfers and low budget travellers

A long sand beach, shallow waters and wind at almost any day of the year – this is a perfect spot for kite surfing! Top it up with wide selection of hotels of different price ranges, especially from the lower end of the spectrum.

But no need to be a kite surfer to fully enjoy the east coast of Zanzibar. There are plenty of things to do in and around Paje. It’s a great base when you want to explore the island and nearby waters. Kizimkazi, village known for dolphins living near by, is just a short drive away. Jambiani village is a walking distance away, Jozani Forest on the way when you drive to Paje, and historical caves all around.

Paje also has some great beach bars and nightlife, with live music several nights a week. A great spot if you are looking to meet new people and enjoy some cocktails.

Bwejuu – great for peace lovers

In Bwejuu you will always find a nice, peaceful hotel to relax in. The village itself is very calm but offers some services – shops, restaurants, bike renting. No hustle, but you’re not trapped in your beach resort either.

While Bwejuu is not in the center of the traveler activities of Paje and Jambiani, it’s still near and a short taxi ride (or a bit longer bike ride) away from them.

Jambiani Village Tour

Jambiani – an excellent choice for cultural experiences

Jambiani village has many good hotels, but best it’s known for it’s cultural experiences. Jambiani is also one of the main areas for seaweed farming. You can always find the women at the beach during low tide. Nowadays, there is also a soap factory that uses seaweed as the main ingredient.

Check out our Jambiani village tour

Tours near to Zanzibar east coast

Any tour can be done from the Zanzibar east coast, but here is a selection of tours that are nearby or otherwise recommendable.

Jambiani Village Tour

As the name suggests, this half day tour takes you all around the local life of Jambiani. Meet the seaweed farmes, learn about local handicrafts and the healing traditions.

Jozani National Park

On your way from the airport/town to the East Coast, there is the only national park on the island. Jozani Forest is the home for Red Colobus monkeys, and also includes a beautiful pathway through mangrove forests. Easy to combine with a Stone Town visit.

Stone Town Tour

If you are staying in the east coast for your whole time in Zanzibar, we recommend taking a day to see the UNESCO protected Stone Town. Take the guided tour to immerse in the history and get a quick snapshot of different districts. You can prolong your stay in town to enjoy sunset or to visit Prison Island.

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