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If you want a paradise island, you should find Pemba on your map. Lush hills, green plantations and forest everywhere, amazing snow-like white sand beaches and serene small towns. This is Pemba, the green paradise of Zanzibar.

Pemba has three major towns: Chake Chake (where the airport is), Mkoani (where the ferry port is) and Wete, which is near to Ngezi Forest and the amazing beaches of the northern tip of the island.

Pemba is still widely untouched by tourism. There are some hotels in Pemba island, some of them listed below- There are high end hotels with excellent service and several town places with very affordable prices.

To walk around towns like Wete is a pleasure, especially after moving around in the crowded Zanzibar beaches and towns. Tourism is not a major source of income yet, so walking around is peaceful and shopping is easy, with less bargaining left to do. But note that town shops close early, and the late afternoon is already family time in local homes.

Main income for Pemba is the cultivation of cloves, which you can sometimes even sense in the air.



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Pemba Ngezi Forest lake

Ngezi Forest

Beautiful Ngezi National Park is a place where you can find species such as monkeys, bush babies, fruit bats, all different kinds of birds, flowers, spices and natural lakes. This is the only large patch of tropical forest located on the northwestern corner of Pemba.

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Pemba tours and excursions

Mjini Ole Village Tour

Ruins, cooking, fishing, handicrafts and fruit bats. This is a full day in the middle of Pemba Island with Kidike Environmental Conservation Club at the village of Mjini Ole. The villagers will show their traditions and customs of their every day life.

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Pemba Zanzibar Misali Island

Misali Island

Misali’s treasure is its rich ecosystem, which boasts 42 types of corals, over 300 species of fish, a rare subspecies of vervet monkeys, rarely seen coconut crabs and a nesting site for green and hawksbill turtles. Snorkeling here is breath-taking!

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Manta Reeg hotel is located in Northern Pemba Island in ZanzibarThe Manta Resort

This luxury hotel is found in the very northern tip of Pemba, by the Ngezi Forest and best beaches.

Price: High end




Pemba Lodge is situated in the Shamiani Island rigth in the Pemba coastline, Zanzibar

Pemba Lodge

This ecologically constructed and run lodge offers luxury accommodation in the most southern Pemba, Shamiani.

Price: Mid range




Misali Sunset Beach right after sunset in Pemba, Zanzibar

 Misali Sunset Beach

This hotel has an extremely convenient location near to Chake Chake and beautiful Misali Island.

Price: Midrange




Annex Sharook hotel in Wete, Pemba, Zanzibar

Annex to Sharook Guesthouse

This guesthouse in Wete is amazing, especially at sunset. The place is a combination of town and jungle.

Price: Budget