Zanzibar CIty


All of these tours run in Pemba Island, and we do not recommend taking them as day tours starting from Zanzibar (Unguja), but instead would encourage you to stay at least one night at the beautiful Pemba Island.


Pemba Ngezi Forest lake

Ngezi Forest

Beautiful Ngezi National Park is a place where you can find species such as monkeys, bush babies, fruit bats, all different kinds of birds, flowers, spices and natural lakes. This is the only large patch of tropical forest located on the northwestern corner of Pemba.

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Pemba tours and excursions

Mjini Ole Village Tour

Ruins, cooking, fishing, handicrafts and fruit bats. This is a full day in the middle of Pemba Island with Kidike Environmental Conservation Club at the village of Mjini Ole. The villagers will show their traditions and customs of their every day life.

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Pemba Zanzibar Misali Island

Misali Island

Misali’s treasure is its rich ecosystem, which boasts 42 types of corals, over 300 species of fish, a rare subspecies of vervet monkeys, rarely seen coconut crabs and a nesting site for green and hawksbill turtles. Snorkeling here is breath-taking!

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