Information about Stone Town sights, tours and accommodation.

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Historical Stone Town is the cultural center of Zanzibar

Stone Town is a recommendable stop for all who visit Zanzibar. It’s the cultural hub where you can find everything. Historical information, international and local restaurants, shopping for everything you might want, and many high quality hotels for all budgets.

Stone Town was constructed from coral stone during the 19th and 20th century. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. This has uplifted the face of the historical city remarkably, and still does.


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Stone Town History Tour

This is a special Stone Town tour offered only by Colors of Zanzibar. Walk the streets of Stone Town with a historian connecting all the points in the city’s international and colorful history.



Stone Town

A walking tour to the history and present of Stone Town. This atmospheric and mystical town is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar.




Spice Tour

Get familiar with spices, herbs and exotic fruits! The spice farms are less than half an hour drive away from Stone Town.




Prison Island

This boat trip will take you to the historical Prison island from Stone Town. You get a chance to see the islands’ giant tortoise and snorkel in the surrounding corals.




All reservations made through us are the same price as you would get directly from the hotel – no booking fee added.

Beautiful hotel in Zanzibar, Stone Town: Emerson Spice

 Emerson Spice Hotel

This beautiful and unique hotel will make sure you’ll never forget staying here! Enjoy the scenery from your balcony or from rooftop tea room.

Price: High end, 200 usd per room.




Pool and inner court of Dhow Palace Hotel

Dhow Palace Hotel

This is a beautiful, peaceful hotel right in the city centre.

Price: Midrange

Dhow Palace website




Double room in Tembo Hotel

Tembo Hotel

This hotel has a unique location by the beach in the centre of Stone Town.

Price: Midrange/high end

Tembo Hotel website




Sea view double room in Seyyida Hotel

The Seyyida

Beautiful boutique hotel with a garden in the inner court. Spa attached.

Price: High end

The Seyyida website




A double toom in Stone Town Cafe Hotel

Stone Town Cafe

This is a very small boutique hotel in the heart of Stone Town. Downstairs a wonderful cafe.

Price: Midrange

Stone Town Cafe website




Twin room in Jambi Guesthouse

Jambo Guesthouse

Good budget option in the more quiet area of Stone Town, right next to the Green Garden restaurant.

Price: Budget