Zanzibar City

Stone Town

Historical Stone Town Is the Cultural Center of Zanzibar

Stone Town is recommended for all who visit Zanzibar. It’s the cultural hub where you can find everything from historic sites to international and local restaurants, to excellent shopping for anything you might want. Hotels and Airbnbs are available for all budgets.


The most popular evening spot in Stone Town is Forodhani Gardens, with plenty of street food and cozy cafes. It gets busy around sunset and continues until around 11 pm.

Stone Town was built from coral stone during the 19th and 20th centuries, and it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. Because Stone Town is protected, you can explore the town just as it was when the sultans ruled.


In Stone Town, there are plenty of choices. Local Zanzibari cuisine and Italian food are especially easy to find, although Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern food is also available.

For a meal to remember, the Emerson on Hurumzi rooftop is a must. Their full meal with live music is an experience! The view over the town and the ocean is a great plus.

Grabbing some street food at Forodhani Gardens is another must, but make sure you get your food from a reliable stand. That means go where the locals go.


Stone Town is home to the Zanzibari museums, like the People’s Palace Museum, The Old Slave Market, and the Hamamni Baths. You can visit them by yourself, but if you want to learn the most in a short amount of time, booking a guided tour is best.


The big shops on Kenyatta Street are easy for souvenirs, but if you have more time on your hands, head to the local designer shops. Gizenga Street and Changa Bazaar Street are great places to start.

The local food market also hosts many spice stands, but the same area also has several spice shops, which usually have lower prices.

Tours from Stone Town

These tours are easy to access from Stone Town — some of them are right in town while others include a short car ride.

Stone Town Tour

A walking tour through the past and present of Stone Town. This atmospheric and mystical town is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar.

2.5 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $50

Spice Tour

A Zanzibar classic! Get familiar with spices, herbs, and exotic fruits. The Spice Tour is one of our most popular excursions in Zanzibar, the Spice Island.

3 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $45

Zesty Zanzibar

This favorite tour includes a visit to a local organic spice farm and a walk through a nearby village. Learn about local life and try your hand at traditional cooking.

3.5 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $45

Culinary Stone Town

Savor local treats, including a full lunch, while learning about Stone Town and daily life in Zanzibar.

2.5 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $45

Zanzibar Music & Art Tour

Meet painters, carpenters, henna artists, and musicians as we unlock the cultural, historic, and musical secrets of Stone Town and beyond.

4 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $80

Jozani Forest

Jozani Forest is best known for its red colobus monkeys. Let’s follow in their footsteps and walk across a mangrove boardwalk.

3 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $50

Prison Island

This boat trip will take you to the historic Prison Island. See the island’s giant tortoises and snorkel in the surrounding corals.

3 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $50

Zanzibar Full-Day Cruise

This magical journey will take you on an exploration of the Indian Ocean from Fumba fishing village to the Menai Bay conservation area.

6 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $130

Chumbe Island

Chumbe Island is one of the best snorkeling and nature spots in Zanzibar. This tour is a bit of luxury, with a delicious three-course meal after your snorkel in the protected Chumbe marine park.

8 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $140

Stone Town Hotels

All reservations made through us are the same price as you would get directly from the hotel – no booking fee added.

Beautiful hotel in Zanzibar, Stone Town: Emerson Spice

Emerson Spice Hotel

This beautiful and unique hotel will make sure you’ll never forget staying here! Enjoy the scenery from your balcony or from the rooftop tea room.

Price: High-end, 200 USD per room

Pool and inner court of Dhow Palace Hotel

Dhow Palace Hotel

This is a beautiful, peaceful hotel right in the city centre.

Price: Mid-range

Double room in Tembo Hotel

Tembo Hotel

This hotel has a unique location by the beach in the centre of Stone Town.

Price: Mid-range / High-end

Sea view double room in Seyyida Hotel

The Seyyida

Beautiful boutique hotel with a garden in the inner court. Spa attached.

Price: High-end

A double toom in Stone Town Cafe Hotel

Stone Town Cafe

This is a very small boutique hotel in the heart of Stone Town. Downstairs a wonderful cafe.

Price: Mid-range

Twin room in Jambi Guesthouse

Jambo Guesthouse

Good budget option in the quiet area of Stone Town, right next to the Green Garden restaurant.

Price: Budget