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Zanzibar is packed with things to see and do! There are classic Zanzibar experiences like spice tours and Stone Town tours, and many Swahili cultural experiences and village tours. Not to mention excursions out onto the Indian Ocean to enjoy nature and snorkel.

With all our tours, we have incorporated ways to make our activities more beneficial to the local communities. We are the only Travelife-certified tour operator in Zanzibar.

Tour pricing depends on the size of the group and the departure point. We will tailor-make tours for you when needed, just tell us what you are interested in! It can be anything — shoemaking, cooking, fashion, ancient history, sea life, language lessons…

Culture Tours in Zanzibar

Zanzibari culture is a unique mixture of African and Arab, with a hint of Europe and India. Due to its location on the African coast in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar has always been a place where people from different continents meet. On our tours, you’ll see how people live their lives in the villages and taste local cuisine in an authentic setting.

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Featured Culture Tours

Zesty Zanzibar

This favourite tour includes a fun visit to a local organic spice farm, and then a walk in a nearby village. You will learn about local life and get to try your hands at traditional cooking!

3.5 Hours  •  From $46

Culinary Stone Town

While savoring the local treats, including a proper lunch, you will learn about the Stone Town and the life in Zanzibar.

2.5 Hours  •  From $46

Stone Town Tour

A walking tour to the history and present of Stone Town. This atmospheric and mystical town is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar.

Private Tour  •  From $51

Nature Tours in Zanzibar

Did you know that Zanzibar’s nature is full of giants? Huge coconut crabs come out at night and can be seen on Chumbe Island. Whales and whale sharks can be spotted at sea. And while not huge, the indigenous and endangered red colobus monkeys are always present in Jozani Forest.

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Featured Nature Tours

Jozani Forest

Jozani Forest is best known for its red colobus monkeys, which are endemic to Zanzibar. After visiting the red colobus, you will walk across to the Pete-Jozani Mangrove Boardwalk.

3 Hours  •  From $51

Zanzibar Full Day Cruise

Fishing village, sand bank, snorkeling and beach life. A Full day trip on a traditional dhow boat around the southern coastline of Zanzibar. This magical journey will take you on an exploration of the Indian Ocean from Fumba fishing village to the Menai Bay conservation area.

6 Hours  •  From $132

Prison Island

This boat trip will take you to the historical Prison island fro Stone Town. You get a chance to see the islands’ giant tortoise and snorkel in the surrounding corals.

Private Tour  •  From $51

Diving & Fishing Experiences

Zanzibar is a true diver’s paradise with turquoise water and fine white sand beaches. Just off the Tanzanian coastline is one of the planet’s largest coral reefs, where divers can enjoy great visibility of up to 35 meters!

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Featured Fishing Experience

Extreme Game Fishing in Tanzania

Follow UK Channel 5 fishing expert Robson Green to one of the Africa’s best fishing grounds – the tropical island of Zanzibar.

5.5 Hours  •  From $5075

Pemba Island Tours

These tours and excursions all take place on Pemba, the northern island of Zanzibar. To take these tours, we recommend staying right on Pemba — and if you haven’t planned that yet, let us tell you: it’s amazing! We are happy to arrange a full Pemba visit and take your Zanzibar experience to the next level.

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Featured Pemba Island Tours

Ole Village Tour

Ruins, cooking, fishing, handicrafts and fruit bats. This is a full day in the middle of Pemba Island with Kidike Environmental Conservation Club at the village of Mini Ole. The villagers will show their traditions and customs of their every day life.

Full Day  •  From $120

Misali Island

Misali’s treasure is its rich ecosystem, which boasts 42 types of corals, over 300 species of fish, a rare subspecies of vervet monkeys, rarely seen coconut crabs and a nesting site for green and hawksbill turtles. Snorkeling here is breath-taking!

Full Day  •  From $150

Ngezi Forest

Beautiful Ngezi National Park is a place where you can find species such as monkeys, bush babies, fruit bats, all different kinds of birds, flowers, spices and natural lakes. This is the only large patch of tropical forest located on the northwestern corner of Pemba

Full Day  •  From $120

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No worries! Let us know where you’re planing on staying (if you know that) and what you wish to experience during your stay. We will come back to you with personalized Zanzibar tour suggestions and ideas!

    Colors of Zanzibar Reviews

    Read the latest reviews about our Zanzibar day tours and excursions.

    Such a wonderful time with Colors of Zanzibar, especially because of Aziza. She took us to all the yummy and interesting places to eat in Stone Town and we loved it. She was warm and funny. We ended up doing all 3 of our Stone Town Tours with her and we had the best time!

    Marissa L

    – TripAdvisor, Aug 2022

    We had an amazing time with Colors Of Zanzibar on two different tours over the two days that we stayed in port during our cruise. They are extremely good to work with especially since we had booked the tours pre-Covid and had to keep postponing them for 3 years until our cruise was finally able to go.

    Julie V

    – Google, Nov 2022

    The most wonderful, stress free experience. We booked three tours with CoZ – Stone Town & Prison Island and Dolphin swimming combined with the Blue safari. We loved every second! Juma is a fantastic, safe driver and Amigo is the perfect guide – knowledgeable, attentive and enthusiastic.

    Alexandra D

    – TripAdvisor, Apr 2022

    We booked a private dolphin tour and island bbq with with Colors of Zanzibar, and it was really nice! Our guide was super friendly and knowledgable, everything was organized very well and quickly.

    Marina L

    – Google, Mar 2022

    I had my two-weeks-holidays arranged with Colors of Zanzibar, and I must say it couldn’t be better! All three hotels were amazing places in beautiful locations. Everything worked out so well, especially with my tour guides Fatma and Aziza. A big THANK YOU to all of you making this time so precious for me!

    Chris Z

    – TripAdvisor, Mar 2022

    We had such a great experience with colors of Zanzibar. We did the dolphins ethical tour. Our guide Fatma was great, always comunicative and ready to answer any question, from the tour and much more. Thanks Fatma and thanks Colors of Zanzibar for the experience.

    Javi O

    – TripAdvisor, Dec 2021