Zanzibar City

Our Mission

About Colors of Zanzibar

Our core value is community-based tourism, meaning we want tourism to benefit everyone involved — including you. We aim to create a fair working environment and support women’s livelihoods. We ensure that all our excursions and the accommodations we work with are ethical and eco-friendly.

Equal Opportunities

We employ regardless of gender, religion, or any factor other than professionalism. We create a safe place to work.

Sustainable Operations

We are Travelife-certified, one of the very few in Tanzania. We strive for cultural, ecological, and economical sustainability for society as a whole.

Local Business

Registered in Tanzania, owned by a Tanzanian. Your money stays where it has been spent. We strictly support only local businesses, without any compromise on professionalism.

Our Mission

“We are bringing the community and travellers together. We support local communities by facilitating economic, social and environmental sustainability.”

Code of Conduct for Guests on Excursions

Sustainable Tourism in Zanzibar

We are committed Travelife partners, and amongst the very first Tanzanian members. This means we have gone through sustainable travel trainings and reviewed our methods to ensure they meet strict standards. And we are continually learning how to lower our impact on nature.

“Low impact, high income” is our guideline, meaning we keep the negative impact on the environment and communities low, while ensuring everyone involved in our tours earns a reasonable income.

Our Sustainability Policy

No to Discrimination

Our promise to our clients, our employees, and the communities we visit, is that everyone is always welcome as themselves. We respect every individual and their beliefs, and can even arrange specific customizations to meet your needs — for example, halal holiday packages.

Our no to discrimination is not only towards our clients – it’s also something we practice in our local community and in our office.

Our Health and Safety Policy

Why Choose Sustainable Travel?

  1. Your money stays in the local community.
  2. You don’t have to worry about accidentally supporting a business that is harmful to the local community or nature.
  3. You avoid contributing to illegal tourism businesses and can be certain the tour operator pays taxes and livable salaries.

We Are Proactive in the Zanzibar Travel and Sustainable Tourism Communities: