Zanzibar City

Marashi ya karafuu

Spice Tour is one of the Zanzibar classic must-do’s

Pata ladha kamili ya viungo na matunda ya asili ya visiwani!

Kama upo visiwani Zanzibar tayari basi usikose kujiunga nasi katik ziahara hii ya masaa matatu hadi manne ni moja ya sehemu muhimu a sana kuyafanya.

Spices for all senses

Spices and herbs were originally introduced to Zanzibar by Portuguese traders in the 16th century, brought from their colonies in South America and India.

This tour is a walking tour in a spice farm (shamba). While there, you shall see how the spices, herbs and fruits grow and are cultivated. Your tour guide will describe how the crops can be used.

Zanzibar ni visiwa maarufu kwa viungo hadi kupelekea kupewa jina la visiwa vya marashi ya karafuu ambalo ni zao kuu la biasha pamoja na na viungo vyengine kama kungumanga, pilipili manga, tangawizi, vanila, mdalasini, manjano mchaichai na hiliki. Viungo hivi vinatumiwa katika mapishi ya kizanzibari, marashi, manukato, dawa na hata kwa urembo.

Hivyo katika ziara hii utajifunza yote haya pamoja na kupata faida, na kujua matumizi ya viungo mbali mbali. Utapata fursa ya kutembelea shamba la viungo mafunzo ya matumizi, na kumalizia kwenye maduka ya viungo. Hatimaye utafurahia chakula cha asili na pamoja matunda.

Do you want to share or prefer private?

We do both. Our shared spice tours are in small groups, max. 15 people but usually less. Private tours are a great option for bigger groups or those who want more freedom & flexibility in their scheduling.

Sharing Spice Tour – prices & info

Price: 25 usd pp. Under 7 years old for free with an adult.

Starts from Stone Town, Old Fort main entrance at 10:00. If you do not stay in Stone Town, contact us and we can arrabnge the pick up from anywhere in Zanzibar.

Minimum group size is 2 people – maximum 15

Price inlcudes: Transfers from Stone Town, guide, lunch, fruit tasting, water.

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Private Tour – Prices & info

It’s easy to combine private tours with other tours, and take them any time you wish!

1 person: 40 USD

2 persons: 30 usd pp

3 persons: 25 usd pp

4 persons or more: 20 usd pp

Prices include: Transfers from Stone Town, guide, lunch, fruit tasting, water. Contact us for transfer from anywhere else in Zanzibar.

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Useful information

You can choose the tour starting time, we usually recommend 10:00.

Take with you good walking shoes, cash if you wish to buy spices, oils and other products sold at the farm.

If you are a true foodie or want a deep dive into the local culture, check out our Spice Village Tour with cooking lesson as well.

Support local animal shelter

Combine spice tour with a visit to ZAASO. It’s an NGO helping mistreated animals in Zanzibar. The extra visit is 15 usd per person, including a 10 usd per person donation to Zaaso.

About Zaaso

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