Zanzibar City

Usanii na Mziki

Stone Town

Meet some of the most inspiring artists and artesans in Stone Town UNESCO site.

4 hours tour

This tour takes all in all about 4 hours – all filled with new experiences.

Responsible tourism

This tour supports the artists and helps in funding the famous Dhow Countries Music Academy

Try your hands at arts and drumming, immerse yourself with the music and desings of Zanzibar

Say ‘jambo’ to the most accomplished craftsmen and women, artists and musicians that Zanzibar has to offer on this handicraft/musical-themed adventure. A stunning melting pot of cultures for centuries, this region boasts an impressive artisan craft culture. We will introduce you to painters, carpenters, henna artists and musicians as we unlock the cultural, historic and musical secrets of Stone Town and beyond. Have a go at creating your own piece of art and jam with local musicians on this unique and engaging tour.

Experience the culture

Meet the talented artists behind Zanzibar’s thriving handicraft community and learn about their life and work

Music Academy

Visit the region’s only music school, chat with musicians about their music heritage and have a go at playing a local instrument. The tour supports school’s funding.

Henna & carving

Have a go at henna painting and wood carving under the expert eye of a local artisan. You will also get to make a small souvenir to keep.

Zanzibar doors

Discover the fascinating story behind Zanzibar’s beautifully elaborate (and unique) carved wooden doors

Stone Town streets

Stroll through historic Stone Town with an expert local guide, find out more about the area and get some insider tips on what else to see and do while you’re in town

Book Music and Art tour

Fill this in if you wish to book the tour! We are also happy to answer any questions or tailor the tour to your groups interests.