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Jambiani Village Tour

  • Jambiani Village Tour

Visit schools, meet locals and walk in a seaweed farm! 

This is a half day excursion in the village of Jambiani, where you will have the chance to experience rural Zanzibar life. The tour is planned in cooperation with the village and includes donations.

  • Meet locals and experience the village life
  • Visit a seaweed farm
  • Learn about Zanzibari handicrafts
  • Visit a school and/or health clinic
  • Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

Full information about Jambiani Village Tour

You will visit women’s pottery and handicrafts group, sea weed farming, local school, local herbs doctor and a local clinic.

Your village guide will take you to a woman who will show you the process of making rope from coconut fibre.

You will stop for lunch at a local restaurant where you will taste authentic Zanzibari cuisine, seasoned with many spices and herbs.There is also a possibility to visit a soap factory that uses the local seaweed as the main incredient for their soaps.

Colors of Zanzibar is contributing to the development by giving fair payments for the locals for their help. You don’t need to give any donations, but you can have pocket money for helping the village clinic and schools, where you can also bring pens and pencils if you want.

What is included:
Local guide from the village, donations to visited places (schools, local clinic etc.), local lunch. Transfers are not included in the price, so if you are not staying in Jambiani, please mention that and we can give an offer for the pick-up service.

1 person 50 USD
2 people 35 USD pp
3 people 30 USD pp
4 people or more 25 USD pp

Combine with:
Caves and Shrines or Jozani Forest and get a discount!


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