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Jambiani Village Tour

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Jambiani Village Tour

Meet locals, see the village and walk in a seaweed farm!
This is a half day excursion in the village of Jambiani, where you will have the chance to experience rural Zanzibar life. The tour is planned in cooperation with the village and includes donations.

More about tour in Jambiani Village

Village tours are different from day to day – since the village also is different every day. Seing the work of a seaweed farmer and local handicrafts are always inlcuded. You will get a chance to visit a school if it’s open, and there is a class that can include your visit in their lesson. Also on availability, the tour can go to visit a local health center. You will surely get a good understanding of the local life and meet people in Jambiani Village.

Colors of Zanzibar is contributing to the development by giving fair payments for the locals for their help. You don’t need to give any donations, but you can donate extra to the village clinic and schools. This is usually used towards medicine and field trips.

Book online

1 person 50 USD
2 people 35 USD pp
3 people 30 USD pp
4 people or more 25 USD pp

Included in the tour

Local guide from the village, donations to visited places (schools, local clinic etc.), local lunch. Transfers are not included in the price, so if you are not staying in Jambiani, please mention that and we can give an offer for the transfers.

Useful information

The tour is in the village, so moderate dressing is  recommended. This means covering your shoulders and knees. The tour includes walking in the shallow water.

Combine with…

If you are staying in Jambiani, we don’t recommend to combine more into the same day. For those coming from town or other coastal areas, consider visiting Jozani Forest on th way.

Ask about Jambiani Village tour

Would you like to know more about the tour? Would you like to see soemthing specific on the tour? Let us know and we are happy to suggest good date and activities.