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Prehistorical inhabitats and rituals still alive

This is a day excursion in caves in Zanzibar. There are 120 caves in Zanzibar, some of them still believed to be sacred. Thuis tour has ,imited availability.

  • Visit caves with an archaeologist
  • Learn about the early history of Zanzibar
  • Learn about the less spoken-of part of Zanzibar culture
  • See nature
  • Get a unique experience – this tour is only possible through Colors of Zanzibar

Full information about Caves and Shrines Tour

Kuumbi, Machaga and Mwanampambe cave are caves found in the village of Jambiani, Pete and Makunduchi in the southern region of Unguja Island. The whole day should be reserved for this trip, but you can also include other activities, if you wish.

These caves are archaeological sites that include bones, stone tools, ceramics and many other cultural materials. There are cultural findings dating back to 10,000 BC or before. Caves of Zanzibar do not only contain findings of this neolithic period, but some of them provide findings dating back to about 30,000 years ago.

Zanzibar caves are extensively decorated with lime stone formations. The animal life includes a large population of bats, fresh water birds and tropical birds. All of the caves have been used or are still used by people. Many of them still have ritual shrines for local villagers.

Some caves were used by slave traders as hiding places after the trade was made illegal.

What is included:
Professional archaeological guide, entrance fees and water. Transfers from Stone Town, other transfers might add an extra charge.

Starting time:
9:00 in the morning from Stone Town / according to what has been agreed

1 person 90 USD
2 people 65 USD pp
3 people 50 USD pp
4 people or more 40 USD pp

What to take with you:
Good, preferably closed shoes that are not slippery. Torch can be a good idea, even thought we will also bring them from the company.

Combine with:
Jambiani Village Tour or Jozani Forest and get a discount!

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