Zanzibar has two main islands: Unguja and Pemba. Most of the Zanzibar’s approximately 1,2 million population is focused in Unguja, but there are around 400 000 people in Pemba.

The two main islands differ greatly from each other. Unguja has the big city and the popular beach deastinations. Pemba has smaller cities and is yet to be discovered by bigger masses of tourists.


About Unguja: This is the main island of Zanzibar, holding most of the governmental offices and businesses. Nowadays Stone Town is the main port and commercial centre of the whole Zanzibar.

Traveling in Unguja: Unguja is well-known for historical Stone Town, beautiful beaches and nature, both on-land and the surrounding coral reefs.

Unguja is the island most travelers head to. There is a variety of different beach destinations, where everyone can find their own preferred choice. The main cultural institutes and festivals are also here – mostly in Stone Town.



Pemba Island

About Pemba: Pemba is the other main island of Zanzibar archipelago. Main cities are Mkoani, Chake Chake and Wete, each one having a population of about 30 000.

Traveling in Pemba: Pemba is known for amazing snorkeling and diving possibilities and its untouched nature. There is also a big population of endemic Pemba flying foxes (fruit bats).

If you are looking for cultural experiences, oldest history in Zanzibar or amazing nature, Pemba should be your destination. It’s also a good choice for peaceful relaxing. Still very few travelers end up in Pemba.