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Coronavirus in Zanzibar

Coronavirus in Zanzibar

We know this is the big question in many travellers minds. At the time of writing this posting, there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Zanzibar, or in Tanzania in general. This posting is NOT and official statement of any kind, it’s to give a general and more educated picture of the situation to people considering travelling to Zanzibar.

Therefore, for now, the biggest threat is that people with the virus would enter the country. That’s why there are screenings at all entry points, to tell if anyone entering is sick and has fever. Suspected cases would be taken to a hospital for isolation.

Zanzibar has banned all flights from Italy. Italian tourists form a big part of tourism business in Zanzibar, so this ban is really hurting the tourism economy. But it goes to show that drastic measures have been put into action to protect the islands.

All travelling should be limited right now. We do not encourage anyone to travel without necessity. As a travel company, this virus outbreak hits us hard, but we are willing to take the necessary bunch in the name of greater good.

The government is requesting people arriving from infected areas to self-isolate for 14 days.

What we have done on our tours

If you are already in the country or do not plan to cancel your travel plans, we welcome you on our tours. Since early February, we have taken extra measures to ensure hygiene in our cars and on our tours. We have had hand sanitiser in the cars for everyone entering the car to use.

We have also encouraged all guides, driver and other staff to avoid physical contact. So please, do not be offended that we don’t shake hands anymore 🙂 We also try to keep the one meter distance specified by WHO.

Please, do not join any tours if you are not feeling well.

Measures by the government

Tanzanian government has given the same instructions to people as all governments around the world – avoid touching, remember hygiene. There have not yet been any bans of public meetings or happenings, but the government has asked people to restrict their travels both internationally and within regions in Tanzania.

It’s good to remember that to Tanzania, dealing with deceases is not a new thing. There have been, for example, outbreaks of cholera in Zanzibar, but it’s always dealt with serious measures, including closing down all public market places fast and effectively.

According to Global Health Security Index, Tanzania is ranking in the “more prepared” category of countries, among most of Europe, Asia and South America. You can see the country specific information about Tanzania here.