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Traveling to Zanzibar: COVID-19

Traveling to Zanzibar: COVID-19

What should you know about Coronavirus when traveling to Zanzibar?

Zanzibar, as a destination, has the “Safe Travels” stamp. This means that there are globally agreed protocols in place. You can read more about Safe Travels here.

Guidelines in a nutshell:

  • There is no quarantine time when arriving to Zanzibar
  • All nationalities are welcomed
  • You need a negative Covid-19 test result not more than 72 hours old
  • You should have a valid travel insurance that covers Corona treatments
  • Use a licensed tour operator, they follow the Safe Travels guidelines (including us, Colors of Zanzibar)

Negative Covid-19 test result is required when entering Tanzania and Zanzibar

Since 20th July 2020 a new travel advisory came out. The most important information for travellers is that everyone entering the country needs to show a negative Covid-19 test result that is no more than 72 hours old.

Here you can see the newest travel advisory from the Tanzanian government, which also covers all arrivals to Zanzibar.

How to get tested for Covid-19 in Zanzibar?

To get tested for Coronavirus in Zanzibar is now easily accessible for everyone. In case you don’t suspect that you are infected, but need the test result in order to travel, the main governmental hospital in Zanzibar City, called Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, has the service available. Here are the details:

In case you suspect that you are infected, you need to use another protocol as it’s important to prevent spreading the virus. The national Covid-19 help line is reachable when calling from Tanzanian number: dial 190 (it’s free).

You can also call via Whatsapp from any number, dial: +255765277193 or +255625540174. You should of course safely inform your travel agent / hotel reception to get help.

What we have done on our tours

Since early February, we have taken extra measures to ensure hygiene in our cars and on our tours. We have had hand sanitiser in the cars for everyone entering the car to use.

We are welcoming new bookings again, as the international travel has opened. We do not book sharing tours as of now, until the risk is gone. We are happy to book services and tours with no down-payment, so that it is zero risk for you.

It is highly recommendable to book all your tours & transfers in Zanzibar from one operator, using the same contact persons during the whole time – this will significantly lower the risk of coronavirus transmissions. With us, you will get your designated guide and driver, protecting both you and our staff this way.

Please, do not join any tours if you are not feeling well.

Coronavirus in Zanzibar

There are no statistics of how widely spread Covid-19 is in Zanzibar. However, we know that there are not many cases in Zanzibar and life has been continuing on the island as usual, just without tourism. With the new measures in place, we hope it to remain this way.