Zanzibar City

Private Spiritual Journey


Explore Zanzibar through its unique culture, art & history.


Get a truly unique local experience and live through something unusual.


Have a lunch of exotic local fruits to stimulate your mind and spirit.

Take a Spiritual Journey through the Most Mysterious Places of Zanzibar

Are you seeking spiritual alignment? Then this tour will blow your mind! You’ll learn about the old gods of the indigenous people of Zanzibar and experience prehistoric rituals that are still observed by the natives. This experience is a true spiritual journey and something you won’t find anywhere else!


Go deeper,

experience more

Some people believe the name “Zanzibar” comes from the Arabic word زنجبيل, which means “ginger.” And did you know ginger is considered one of the most spiritual spices in the world?

We have a full day of surprises for you on this unique journey into the mysterious ways of life on the islands of Zanzibar. You’ll learn about the old gods and experience rituals that are still in practice today. Find out why people from all over the world come to Zanzibar for spiritual treatments and healing.

We’ll pick you up from any hotel on the main island and drive you to Pete Village, where your spiritual journey will take place. Along the way, we’ll discuss our thoughts on spirituality and show you a few practical exercises for you to try out.

After some meditations, you’ll arrive at Jambiani village, on the east coast of Zanzibar. Here, we’ll visit the mysterious Kuumbi cave, the so-called “living room cave,” named for its size. Together, we’ll perform a ritual inside. You’ll also learn about the original inhabitants and visit a small museum on the site.

We’ll then enjoy a lunch feast of exotic fruits, before heading to Mkuza cave for a refreshing swim.

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100 USD per person


8.5 Hours


  • Transfer from anywhere in Zanzibar
  • Professional local guide
  • Exotic fruits
  • Snacks
  • Drinking water


All activities are planned according to the local customs and habits of the original people of Zanzibar. This tour supports and helps maintain local culture and the indigenous people.