Zanzibar City

Nungwi Village

Nungwi village is the liveliest beach spot in Zanzibar. It’s located on the northern tip of Zanzibar Island. Due to its wonderful location, it offers good diving, a perfect sandy beach, and the possibility to swim even during low tide.

Nungwi is also the biggest village in Zanzibar, and therefore there are many hotels, restaurants, and shops. You’ll find unique activities as well, such as the natural aquarium, where turtles caught in fishing nets are brought back to heal.

In Nungwi you can find every type of accommodation, from budget hostels to luxurious beach resorts.

NOTE: Don’t book tours through beach boys. They are not the same as tour companies — they don’t pay taxes and have zero responsibility if something happens, or if the tour doesn’t run. Please support lawful businesses and book through dive centers or tour companies.

Tours from Nungwi

These tours are easily accessible from Nungwi. Ask us for tour prices, since they vary based on where you’re staying and how many participants are joining.

Nungwi Village Tour

Discover how locals live their everyday lives and how they make their livelihoods. Then visit Mnarani Aquarium, home to several endangered species.

3.5 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $55

Spice Tour

A Zanzibar classic! Get familiar with spices, herbs, and exotic fruits. The Spice Tour is one of our most popular excursions in Zanzibar, the Spice Island.

3 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $45

Zesty Zanzibar

This favorite tour includes a visit to a local organic spice farm and a walk through a nearby village. Learn about local life and try your hand at traditional cooking.

3.5 Hours  •  Private Tour  •  From $45

Hotels in Nungwi

All reservations made through us are the same price as you would get directly from the hotel – no booking fee added.

Mnarani Beach Cottages pool in Nungwi

Mnarani Beach Cabins

This beach resort is a bit further away from the Nungwi village. It’s a beautiful hotel and good value for price. Hotel is locally owned and operated.

Price: Mid-range

Nungwi hotel Flametree Cottages

Flame Tree Cabins

This hotel is in the middle of the village, but has a peaceful pool, garden and big rooms.

Price: Mid-range / High-end